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What the COVID-19 Yoga Boom Can Do for Your Business

What the COVID-19 Yoga Boom Can Do for Your Business Because of the COVID-19 situation, there is currently an increased demand for yoga supplies shipped from China. Savvy companies are aware of this and are looking for ways to take advantage of this change in demand. They’re adapting to the changing marketplace during a time […]

Shipping lithium batteries Ultimate guide 2021

1. Lithium Batteries 2. Is lithium battery a dangerous good? 3. Can we ship lithium batteries? 4. Lithium Batteries Manufacturers in Shenzhen, China 5. Shipping Lithium Batteries Internationally 6. Shipping Batteries by Courier 7. Packaging, Labeling, and Documentation 8. Shipping Batteries by Air 9. Shipping Batteries by Sea 10. Why choose DFH? 11. One to […]

How to Save 50% on Shipping Cost from China to Europe?

As far as we know, because there are many large enterprises in northern China, finding accurate information about logistics costs is not always an easy endeavor. 1. How can Southern companies save 30%-50% on logistics costs? 2. Rail transportation is becoming more reliable in the Covid-19 era 3. Take advantage of the price competition amongst […]

Everything You Need to Know About LGBT Flags

Flags have significant importance in defining and symbolizing a movement, cause, ideology, and doctrine. The LGBTQI+ community is no exception. They are proud of their own striped and colorful flag. This flag has become a ubiquitous symbol of their community and their struggle for equal rights. They proudly display it on their special days and […]