Shipping Batteries from China

Shipping Batteries from China

Due to the impact of the Covid-19, since January 2020, officials in many countries have asked citizens try best to stay at home,working at home if possible, and have cancelled so many public gathering parties. Therefore, the home time has become longer than before. For a long time at home, of course there will be more indoor activities than former. While batteries are easy to appear in various daily life products, such as mobile phones, computers, game consoles, remote controls, power bank and so on.

China Export database of batteries

According to the GGII data survey results, China exported about 837 million lithium batteries in the first half of 2020, a year-on-year decrease of 10%, and the amount of exports was approximately 43.902 billion, a year-on-year increase of 21%. These lithium batteries are mainly exported to the United States, Germany, South Korea, Vietnam, Japan, India, Poland, the Netherlands, Spain, and Slovenia. The total export value of these ten countries is about 28.151 billion, accounting for 64% of the total export value. The remaining 36% is exported to other different countries.

Import batteries from China

China as one of the most big manufacture country,can make so many different kinds of batteries as well.So if you want to import batteries,China will be one of the best choice.While how to import batteries from china? How to ship batteries from china?Where you can buy batteries if you want to do business with china? This article will provide you all of the answers .

Where you can find batteries best manufactures in china?

China as one of the world’s largest producers,there are so many good batteries manufacture.While how to find the good manufacture?where are they?this is a good let me tell you where are the batteries suppliers,and how to find them.

Famous Business to Business webiste.

What is Business-to-business (B2B)?

B2B also called B-to-B, is a form of transaction between businesses, such as one involving a manufacturer and wholesaler, or a wholesaler and a retailer. Business-to-business refers to business that is conducted between companies

You know so many batteries factory if they know English well or if have oversea sales team,then they choose China’s famous international business website to looking for oversea clients. The famous business to business website including:;;

Shipping Batteries from China


So if you are doing business of batteries,and want to wholesale batteries from china or want to retail batteries from china.Then we strongly recommend the above B2B website for you to choose different kinds of batteries suppliers.

There are also some other business to business website that you can find china suppliers.if you want know more B2B platform of china and want to looking for suppliers,you can also inquiry us right now.we will teach you step by step to contact with your business partners.

Famous B2C website.

What Is Business-to-Consumer (B2C)?

The term business-to-consumer (B2C) refers to the process of selling products and services directly between a business and consumers who are the end-users of its products or services. Most companies that sell directly to consumers can be referred to as B2C companies.

If you a re a end-users want to buy different kinds of batteries from china,but don’t know where can find the good quality supplier, then let me tell you,can find various manufactures of batteries through internatinal B2C website. Example, these are famous international B2C platform.

Shipping Batteries from China

No matter what kinds of factories you want,no matter what QTY of batteries you need to buy, these two B2C website can help you.

while if you know Chinese language very well,you can also buy batteries directly at: , or and some other china B2C platform. Send an inquiry directly, we will guide you directly how to find the top quality supplier online.

Visit Batteries Fair in China

Another option that you can explore when looking for batteries suppliers in China is to visit the exhibition in China.

Shipping Batteries from China

The Canton Fair is the largest trade Fair in China.By visiting the Canton Fair,you can get a number of batteries suppliers and a variety of batteries products including Mobile batteries,Laptops and different kinds of toys that need to use batteries that also appearance at the Batteries Fair.

The Canton Fair often held in Spring and Late Fall every Year. In GuangZhou City.

Of course there are so many other famous Fair in china that can find Batteries suppliers.While Course influenced by The Covid-19,So the other famous batteries will be listed if needed after all exhibition come back as before.or if you are interesting,please send us inquiry. We will provide the batteries Fair List for you within 24hours after getting your requirement.

Freight Forwarder can recommend China batteries Manufactures for you.

If you deal with Chinese long time, then you should have a reliable Freight Forwarder.As a expert of international freight forwarder in China,they should have more than 20 good quality and reasonable price batteries manufactures in China,can recommend to you at any time.

Why say so?This is because these are people they work with daily.And the Freight Forwarder possibly has a long-standing business relationship with them(Batteries manufactures/Batteries suppliers.)

If there is,it is even better for you since your freight forwarder can negotiate for better deals on your behalf.Below are the 10 good quality and reasonable Batteries that you can try to cooperate:











China Sourcing company

In china,there are so many company focus only on help oversea importers search suppliers.Not matter what kinds of products you are looking for, No matter what QTY Of goods need to buy in a time.There are the related sourcing company that can help you to find the right suppliers.Batteries manufactures as well, you can let the China Sourcing company to help you searching in China Market.

Here are 50 good China Sourcing company that can help you to make bigger business at Batteries Area:
Company name services Location
Supplyia Easy to start sourcing for free Yiwu, China & New York
LeelineSourcing China sourcing agent company Wuhan, China
Amanda Yiwu local agent in yiwu China Yiwu, China
Tonysourcing wholesale toys China Yiwu, China
China Purchasing Agent Purchasing agent in China Shenzhen, China
Jing Sourcing Commodity sourcing agent Yiwu, China.
Sourcing Bro The fastest and easiest sourcing agent Shenzhen, China
B2c Sourcing B2C China sourcing agent Ningbo, China
Iris International China sourcing agent and supply Hong Kong, China
Foshan Sourcing China sourcing agent help import Foshan , China
Dragon Sourcing Global sourcing company Worldwide Offices
Imex Sourcing Services Sourcing for the digital age Guangzhou &HongKong China
Ejet China export agent Guangzhou & Hangzhou, China
Qaizen Group Lead in sourcing in Asia Shanghai, China
Golden shiny Yiwu sourcing agent Yiwu, China
Source in China China Product sourcing agent Dongguan, China
Arcadia Sourcing China manufacturing companies Hong Kong, China
Global Trade Specialists Helping buy direct from China Colorado,Vienna, Austria, China
Giolong International China sourcing-factory audits Montreal, Canada & Shanghai
China Performance Group Sourcing management company New Jersey & Beijing, China
JS Sourcing Towards safer sourcing in China Shanghai, China
FBA China Sourcing Amazon sourcing from China Hongkong, China & Europe
DTL Sourcing A leading sourcing company Hongkong, China
Maple Sourcing Product sourcing, quality inspection Shenzhen, China
MatchSourcing Made fast, simple and safe Fuzhou, China
China 2 West Manufacturing in China China & US, UK
Nicobar Group Supply chain support Shanghai, China
Fami Sourcing China sourcing company for start-up Guangzhou, China
BizShenzhen Transparent China sourcing Shenzhen, China
Pinnacle Sourcing Global sourcing company India & Shanghai, China
Meeno Group China product purchasing Yiwu, China
Asiaction Specialized in sourcing Hongkong and Guangzhou
Baysource Global Accelerate your product launch US & Shanghai, China
Linc Sourcing Paid on performance Europe & China
Easy Imex Bring your product to market UK & China
ImportDojo Build your own brand Hongkong, China
Riwick  Furniture sourcing solutions Foshan, Guangdong, China
Dong Sourcing Your sincere agent in China Ningbo, Zhejiang, China
ANCO China Global sourcing solutions for you US & China
Casino Global Sourcing Sourcing division of group Hongkong, China
Tanndy Guangzhou Sourcing Guangzhou, China
Chick Sourcing Trusted sourcing agent Shenzhen, China
Made In China Sourcing Made in China sourcing China, Australia, UK
China Division Worldwide order fulfillment Shenzhen, China
Sourcing Spectrum Sourcing agency in China China
Peng Light The best Led sourcing agent Shenzhen, China
China Direct Sourcing Managed end-to-end import Australia
China import agents Agent in Delhi, Mumbai, India India
e-heng Import and export agency Shanghai, China
Supplyia sourcing The best sourcing agent in china Yiwu, China

What kinds of batteries you can ship from china.

After you got the batteries from your supplier,then it is time for you to shipping batteries from china to your destination. I will be happy to tell you what kinds of batteries our DFH Logistics Limited can help you to shipping out of China.

8 series batteries we can ship for you from China.

These are 7 kinds of batteries we ship from China to rest of the world every day.They are:

①Electric Bike Batteries from China
②LED Emergency Light Batteries from China
③Rechargeable Batteries from China
④Mobile Phone Batteries from China
⑤Laptop Batteries from China
⑥Watch Batteries from China
⑦Lithium Ion polymer rechargeable batteries
⑧Solar Batteries from China
Shipping Batteries from China

Group of different size color batteries isolated on white background with reflection effect

If you buy any one of the above batteries from China, and want to find a reliable international freight forwarder from china.Please don’t hesitate to send inquiry to us now.Let us make the customized batteries shipping offer for you.

Shipping method for shipping batteries

Choosing a reliable freight forwarder is one of the most important factors that your business with Chinese going successful or not.We can make the unique batteries shipping offer for each of your shipment from china to the rest of world.These are 3 Batteries shipping methods from china to oversea.for your reference.

Shipping batteries by express freight from China to rest of the world.

Express freight is the first method that you can choose to shipping your batteries from China supplier factory to other countries.EXPRESS freight including DHL express freight,FEDEX express freight,UPS express freight and TNT express freight.

Shipping batteries by EXPRESS Freight ,is a Door-to-Door service.If your shipments less than 1000KG and need to arrive destination address in fast time,then Express is the most suitable methods for your requirements.

Batteries express freight shipping time:No matter DHL express freight,FEDEX express freight, UPS express freight or TNT express freight,they shipping time usually need is 2-4 days or 3-7days,there is economic express freight and priority express freight for your Choose. The economic express freight for batteries shipping is 3-7days after the air freight company picked up the goods. The Priority express freight shipping for batteries is 2-4days can arrive destination after goods arrived at the Air freight company warehouse.

Batteries express freight Charge weight method:For express freight charge weight,we can compare gross weight and volume weight, the bigger one will be the charge weight for batteries. While the Volume weight calculate method is:

A:Length * width * Height/5000=Volume weight.

B:Length * Width * Height/6000= Volume weight.

A reliable freight forwarder will tell you when to use A when to Use B. we always clarify every thing with our batteries clients before we cooperate, we think that honest is the most important thing in Business.So we never cheat our clients on charge weight, if our batteries clients choose to cooperate with us,you can also ask all points before we pick up the goods from factory.there will not have any hidden fees during whole the batteries shipping schedule.

Send us inquiry now, let’s help you to check if your freight forward have cheat you on calculating method of charge weight.

Shipping Batteries by Air Freight from China to the rest of the world

Air Freight from China to the destination for your batteries is also a good solution if your shipments charge weight at 300-2000KG.If you can pick up the goods at your local airport,and have ability to do the import customs clearance by your own broker,then Air freight will be a better option.

The shipping time for shipping batteries by Air freight from China often spend 2-5days. Depends on the Number of transit airports,it will need only 1-2days if the flight fly directly.Air freight can arrive the same day or the next day.It will also take more than 5 days for air freight by some Force factors in transportation such as weather, natural disasters.

So better to check right flight,also choose a professional air freight forwarder to avoid the no necessary lost during shipping.

Air freight batteries charge weight calculated method is also need to compare the volume weight and gross weight.Bigger one will be the charge weight. Volume weight calculate method for air freight is: Length * Width * Height/6000= Volume weight.

Airlines for shipping batteries from China: Including airlines EK, TK, EY, ET, UPS, SQ, AZ, CX, BR, CI, FJ, BA, AF, KQ and others, we can arrange the services of taking off or transferring in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and other, depending on airline and feature of cargo.

Transportation of battery prefers Hong Kong air services, because of its easy inspection, frequent flight and fast trade declaration in there, when import batteries from China.

Shipping Batteries By Rail Freight from China to the rest of the world

Rail Freight shipping is the third method that can be consider as shipping batteries from China.This is ship via Train from China to destination countries.For example, shipping to Europe countries we have Rail Freight shipping method.we have also write down a blog to tell you how to save 50% cost for shipping goods from China to Europe.

By train to Europe 23countries have this service, DDP, you no need pay any tax or other charges in your side any more, and no worry about the customs clearance too, just wait for the cargos reach your door, delivery time is about 28-35days, in busy season then maybe some delay like about 10days. We will show all the tracking information to you before the UPS pick up the cargos and you can track it on UPS website by yourself once picked up by ups.

Shipping Batteries by Ocean freight from China to the rest of the world.

The FCL is one of main shipping method for lead-acid batteries, car batteries and lithium batteries and other large one. What is worth mentioning, not all shipping companies want to accept such battery name, different shipping companies on the file and audit documents are inconsistent.

We will make the most appropriate way to import it for you basing on the type, size, weight of the shipment. While the container transport is suitable for all types of batteries imports.

Shipping time for ocean freight is from 20-30days depends on which destination port it is .The export sea port which we can handle is ShenZhen port,Yiwu port ,QINGDAO port, TianJing port ,NingBo Port, and GuangZhou Port.

What documents need to provide for shipping batteries from China.

IATA requires that you or the shipper fills out a ‘Shipper declaration for dangerous goods’, which includes the following information: (What is IATA)

  • Shipper
  • Consignee (Importer)
  • Air Waybill Number
  • Airport of destination
  • Nature and quantity of dangerous goods

Your freight forwarder will provide the template if you need to import batteries from China.

In addition, you will likely need the following documents to your freight forwarder:

  • UN 38.3 test report
  • Material safety data sheet (MSDS-Material Safety Data Sheet)

Both the 2 documents can ask your batteries manufacture to provide.As a qualified battery manufacturer, these are the two most basic information He/She/They should have.

Batteries Packaging Requirements during international shipping.

The export cartons must have a permanent (printed) freight remark that includes the following information:

  • Warning Labels
  • Battery type name
  • Name and address of supplier
  • Name and address of the importer
  • UN Label (i.e., UN 3480)
  • Handling procedures (if damaged)
  • Phone number

There are strict label size requirements.

Further, only use rigid cardboard boxes with at least 5 layers.

Shipping Batteries from China

IATA also requires that the products are protected and separated inside the cartons:

  • Layer 1: Lithium Battery with unit packaging
  • Layer 2: Plastic wrap sheet
  • Layer 3: Cardboard Divider

Many forwarders ask you for a variety of documents and ask for a variety of requirements that seem normal. However, as a practitioner who has been engaged in battery transportation for many years, we have noticed that many customers have no way to provide the required documents, or for them, providing these documents is very troublesome.What’s more, when it is just small parcel , how to transport ?
Is there a company that can provide one-stop service to solve all problems?

YES, we are sure you will get big surprise by Contacting us as your Batteries freight forwarder.


Overall,There are few China freight forwarders very well know how to ship batteries by FedEx.Most freight forwarders don’t know the detail requirements of shipping batteries from China. If you cooperated at this kind of freight forwarders, it will not only wast your money but also wast your time. DFH as a batteries shipping expert since 2013,we sure will not let you disappoint for each of your shipment for batteries from China.

These are some pictures of our daily working during handling the batteries shipments for some of our long-term cooperation clients. Some are China batteries factory,China batteries suppliers, and some are batteries importers from USA,Batteries importers from Europe countries like Germany,Spain,Ireland,Netherlands,Austria and some other countries from Asia,Australia,Africa.

Shipping Batteries from China

Shipping Batteries from China

Also there are some individual batteries buyer from the rest of world cooperated with us well too.

Please don’t hesitate to send us inquiry about any doubt you have for shipping batteries from China. No matter what kinds of batteries you buy, and no matter big charge weight or small.We will have batteries shipping expert to custom made the optimal transportation route for each of your shipment.

FAQ for shipping batteries from China

If the package of batteries does not meet the requirements of international shipping,will your company help to repack?

Yes,we have free repacking service for all of our clients.if the batteries packages from your supplier is not accepted,we will help to repack all of them, we have many boxes supplier cooperated with us very well,we can buy good quality boxes/paper cartons for batteries for you from this long-term cooperate partner and help you to change new boxes in free charge. You need only pay boxes fees to the carton manufacture is OK.


What is your payment method if we cooperate with your company.

As usual we accept T/T bank transfer,Paypal transfer,Western Union.but you can also give us Cash in RMB if that is convenient for you. Whats more Wechat transfer and Alipay is also OK for our company.

If the goods are lost in transit from china to my destination, how do you compensate for my loss.

As a 8 years international shipping agent,we never lost our customers shipment during shipping.But if you worry this will happen, then can buy insurance for your goods before we arrange to send out goods.that is super cheap to buy insurance directly from the Insurance company.We can also help you to buy that.

If the air freight batteries from china to my country be delay,How do you compensate for my loss for delay shipment.

We will try our best to coordinate the goods to the destination in time. If there is a delay in transportation, the carrier in international transportation does not have duty to make any compensation, but in order to be a reliable partner, in case your goods are delayed, I will apply to our company for compensation according to the actual situation.

If i buy batteries from different supplies in china mainland,can you collect them and ship out together?

Yes,this is one of our extra free charge service.We can help pick-up goods from your suppliers factory if their warehouse located within China Mainland.And repack cartons from different suppliers and then send out together. This will not only help you to save shipping cost,but also can let your suppliers don’t know each other,You know if they know each other at all. That good for you to negotiate unit price for your suppliers.

Do you have good supplier for batteries in china can introduce to us?

Yes, We shipping batteries from china to the rest of world since 2013,there are so many batteries suppliers cooperated with us very well.we can recommend good reputation suppliers for you if only you tell us what kinds of batteries need to buy from China.

If i buy batteries from 4 or more suppliers,their delivery time not the same, can you help us to stock shipments at your warehouse until all of the supplier finished goods?

Yes, we can free warehousing for our clients, we have warehouse near ShenZhen international Airport which can hold 300 Cubic meters of cargo at the same time.